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AzP:  Knowledgeable professionals in a complex industry


  • Our firm was built by individuals dedicated to producing the highest quality work products for our clients.

  • Our consultants' ability to think outside the box starts with our diverse project teams.

  • At AzP, we take great pride in the value we provide to and the relationships we build with our clients.

  • We thrive on creating unique solutions to address our clients' needs.

  • We value the perspectives of our highly qualified consultants, as well as our clients.

  • We are grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact while doing what we love.



Our consultants have developed expert analyses presented to utility commission staffs throughout the United States and Canada, including the:

  • California Public Utilities Commission

  • Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority

  • Delaware Public Service Commission

  • Maryland Public Service Commission

  • Mississippi Public Service Commission

  • New Jersey Board of Public Utilities

  • New York Public Service Commission

  • Virginia State Corporation Commission


Recent engagements of our consultants include:


  • Comprehensive Utility Management Audits

  • Property Tax Appeals / Independent Valuations

  • Affiliate Transaction Audits

  • Merger and Acquisition Examinations

  • Compensation Studies

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